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for the blue angels as they took to the air show around the bay area. clear skies and still clear skies in san francisco. you just saw it. there 59 degrees, close to 60 in oakland. the sea breeze is kick off. here is a little bit of a change for tomorrow. we're watching these areas of low clouds heading toward tomorrow morning. and i do think like we had this morning, patchy areas of locally thick fog in the north bay valleys. into san francisco, during the day tomorrow, we'll see partly cloudy skies. and some cooler temperatures, i think, especially for the coast and around the peninsula with bigger changes lurking as we get back to the workweek. we'll be about some showers showing up in the seven-day forecast. dia diane? >>> and coming up, it was not all smooth sailing. one of team usa's boats capsized. you might be surprised what happened at the end of the race. >>> they lived up to their reputation once again. the blue angels took to the bay. if you missed it today, you still have a chance to see them. we'll explain coming up in a live report. ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want y
postgame perspective. >>> and the blue angels take to the sky over the san francisco bay, and we'll take you out on the water. >> nbc bay area news starts now. >> good evening. i'm diane dwyer, and thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. we'll bring you complete coverage of the bay's big weekend in just a moment, but we begin tonight with a heartbreaking story on the peninsula. a minivan hit and killed a 6-year-old girl in a parking lot of a church today. her mother and one other adult was also injured at st. andrew's catholic church in daly city. kimberly tere joins us from daly city with more for us. >> reporter: diane, you can see the markers left on the ground by investigators who were here for hours in this parking lot. the accident happened just before 9:00 this morning, just as mass was about to begin, and catechism for the kids was getting under way. so witnesses say the parking lot was very busy. according to daly city police, a woman in her 50s driving a minivan hit a mother, her child, and another woman. all three victims were taken to san francisc
>>> right now -- a look at san francisco the place to be this weekend, the blue angels are flying overhead, america's cup is taking the waters and there's bluegrass music in the air. plus, baseball fans are plenty excited as well. it's all part of the bay's big weekend. and we have you covered. the news starts now. >> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. >> good evening. i'm diane dwyer. thank you for watching this special edition of nbc bay area news. we are on early because of the notre dame football game coming up. it was a beautiful day to be out and about in san francisco, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the city for a little bit of music, some baseball, and activities. we have crews throughout the city. let's begin with monti francis. he is along the waterfront. hello, monti. >> reporter: good afternoon, the blue angels took to the sky just about 15 minutes ago. for many spectators, this is what they came to see. in fact, many of these folks staked out their spots this morning. we started with the parade of ships as vessels from the u.s. navy and u.s. coast g
tech aircraft with stunt planes and rescue aircraft. the stars are the blue angels and they will be thundering over the bay from 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. then on to americas cup racing. the world series racing. the match race semi-finals will start after 4:00 in the afternoon. the fleet racing will start before 5:00 and then the finals will start before 6:00 this evening. with so much going on, it will be hard to stand still at any time today unless you do get caught in the traffic and that should be an adventure all its own. the americas cup village opens at 10:00 this morning and again the fleet week parade of ships starts at 11:00. a lot to do today. people have so much to choose from. live at marina green, today in the bay. >> thank you very much, arturo. from the skies to the baseball diamond, it is a bay area baseball lover's dream. of course the giants and the oakland a's season today and here we have amy gutierrez live at the park with a look at what's ahead for the san francisco giants in game one against the dreaded cincinnati reds. >> reporter: the
. >> certainly hope so all right, thank you very much jean, and of course, we can't forget the blue angels, the fighter jets will fly again tomorrow. and so the question is will the weather cooperate again with all of these big events? meteorologist rob mayeda. >>> you need to bundle up if you're heading out to san francisco, we had partly cloudy skies as the jets raced over head. it was wonderful to be out there to see it and hear it. you have the orange there, you can see the patchy fog, the one thing we don't want for the air show is to get visibility lowered by the fog and low clouds. now the satellite is interesting here with the low pressure system offshore. the drier air missing down, we'll see the same tomorrow. however, in the meantime, look what happens overnight. that green you see in the future cast, that is drizzle showing up in parts of the bay area. we head towards tomorrow morning you may see misty skies, before it starts to clear. good news for the outside events tomorrow. but later in theed with, looks like we could see a few chances of showers. more on the forecast comin
, there they if. icons in the sky. the blue angels will be soaring overhead this weekend. but there's one site that will be a first of its kind. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising... there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>> it was terrifying. three people dead, seven injured, and a gunman on the run. it was october 5, 2011, whenthe er serenity of a quiet neighborhood was shattered by gunfire and silence. a man opened fire on his co-workers and supervisors during a morning meeting at a cement quarry. today the man who says he was the shooter's friend offers his own insight into what happened and what spurred that shooting. marianne favaro with the story you'll see only on nbc bay area news. the motive has always been a mystery.
tonight but 49ers are at the stick. blue angels are in town for fleet week and it's championship race day in the america's cup. also a number of local festivals going on including the italian heritage parade. we have a rundown of all of it for you. thank you so much for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez. our live coverage of the bay's big weekend starts right now. first though, "today in the bay's" anthony slaughter is joining us with a pressure filled forecast. i feel for you. the fog could ruin so many different things. >> even at this time we're usually fogged in in san francisco. a beautiful start to the day. once again even yesterday we have an upper level low off the coast. we won't see a lot of fog until monday night when it will go downhill. 52 in santa rosa. you need a jacket this morning. upper level spin off the coast will continue to offer up more cloud cover through the day so as we head through the day, clouds on the increase but the big headline here is that it is jacket weather. 67 in san francisco. only 72 in san jose. 75 in livermore. that will be one of our warm
're starting the weekend early because tonight the navy blue -- u.s. navy blue angels will arrive in formation at san francisco international airport. always a great sight to see. they're here to take part in this year's fleet week celebration. fleet week actually starts on wednesday and runs through sunday. pretty cool. >> and it's always awe-inspiring just hearing and seeing it. >> amazing. >> 5:10 right now. i'd like to ride in one of those. bob redell did. >>> a major credit card company will soon be handing out some refunds, which is something we all want to hear. we'll tell you about it next. >>> plus mark zuckerberg heads to russia. we'll tell you why coming up in business. >> reporter: good morning, i'm bob redell. we're live in san francisco. not talking about the a's or giants, but the world series. the america's cup. we'll have that coming up. to work, school, practice, dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. bacon, donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how about we
angeles bureau. >> good evening, a semi tractor-trailer drove into an amtrak train south of fresno causing the last three cars on the train to derail. the train was carrying 169 passengers and four crew members bound for bakersfield from oakland. more than 40 people were taken to hospitals. fortunately, the sheriff's department said there were no serious injuries. while the authorities are investigating the cause of the accident. it happened at a gated crossing that has been the site of collisions before. now, back to brian williams. >>> first monday in october. that means first day of the new supreme court term when we learn which of all the cases that will affect our lives the court has agreed to decide or cast aside. our man at the court pete williams says to expect big decisions on voting rights, affirmative action, and same-sex marriage. the justices today refused to hear a claim that those airport full-body scanners allow the tsa to see too much of us. some notable departures in the news tonight, beginning with james burke. widely agreed to be among the most effective ceos of the mod
angels practice at 1:00 for their fleet week air show. and sailing resumes at 5:10 tonight with more fleet racing. >> i'm looking forward to all that out there. >> it's all dependent on the weather. >> that's right. christina loren fills us in on what it's looking like. >> looking good for today. but as we get further into your weekend, we're talking about the potential for showers and drizzle and not perfect visibility for checking out those blue angels. i want to start with this live picture. something you very, very unusually will see in the city of san francisco, an a's flag coupled with the giants' flag. we're so proud of both of our bay area teams headed to the playoffs. this weekend, saturday with the giants in town, fleet week, america's cup, the bluegrass festival, traffic is going to be a nightmare. if you're headed out there, get out there early. mike inouye will be here to give you updates throughout sunday. temperatures looking fabulous as we head throughout your afternoon, many 70s in your inland cities as opposed to the triple-digit heat we had to deal with earlier on
playoff baseball, a music festival shs the america's cup, and look up in the sky, it's the blue angels. we'll start off with our live coverage with bob redell and the fleet week festivities. what's going on, my man? >> reporter: good morning to you, john. we're aboard the u.s.s. macon island. tours of this vessel here in san francisco start in just under 24 hours from now. one thing that will strike you is just how large she is. at 850 feet long, she's only a couple hundred feet shorter than an aircra carrier. her flight deck, as you can see, can handle lots of helicopters. it's an assault ship capable of carrying 1,000 sailors and a detachment of 1200 marines. some of whom you just saw. her yeek anemic feature is the well deck. it can be filled with water and slunk slightly so hovers can come and go through the ship's rear. >> the assault ships were designed to be able to put the marines where we need to put them and storm the beach. since that time, they have taken on a whole new mission set for disaster response. the same way that we get the marines to shore, we can get that humanitaria
. others have no gas to sell at all. nbc's kristen dahlgren from los angeles with us. good evening >> reporter: good evening, since we talked yesterday, things have gone up, take a look. 5.89 as prices in california close in on all-time record highs. just when people in california thought things couldn't get worse. >> five bucks? oh, my god. >> reporter: even bigger sticker shock. >> i had no idea it had gone up this much, you know, just overnight. >> reporter: prices up another 20 cents a gallon since midnight. >> how can it go from what was it? 4.70 a week ago? in california, the price is up 36 cents, to 4.49, 67 cents from last year when gas was 3.82. and some stations are topping five dollars, that is if they have gas. many costco stations shut down this week after running out. and independent stations say they can barely break even. wholesale prices are so high. >> every day, the price is going up, crazy. we have no control in it. >> reporter: they tried to explain that to customers. >> chevron's facility is down, from a fire in august exxon mobile, tough to find gasoline beca
angeles. traffic nightmare it was not. the mayor of los angeles was calling it carmegeddon two. today he called it a success. >> we are on track. thank you los angeles! once again, the ten-mile closure of the nation's busiest highway was a resounding success. >> similar to last year, many people stayed off the roads and the weekend traffic was light. the freeway is set to reopen on time tomorrow morning at 5:00. >>> there were two winning lotto tickets in this weekend's $28 million super lotto jackpot drawing. one of the winning tickets was sold at the ocean supermarket. the owner of the market gets $70,000 for selling the ticket. >> fortunate enough to have $14 million winner here at the ocean supermarket. we are very pleased with that. >> this is the first winner they have ever had. >> each of the winning tickets is worth about $10 million when you transfer it in to cash. >>> rob is here right now with a check on the forecast for us. it was hot today and it is going to get hotter? >> the thing tomorrow is we will start off even warmer than today. it is like a running start. in fact you
. check it out. live pictures. you know who is in town. it's the blue angels right there headed to sfo. you can see them right there careening right across the top of your screen. of course it fleet week. you can't have fleet week without having the famed blue angels. the navy pilots are headed to sfo. they're going to land in just a few minutes. they'll start practicing their position maneuvers over the bay area skies thursday afternoon 1:00 to 5:00. keep your eyes up, look out and plug your ears. they'll be dazzling crowds at the fleet week air show on friday, saturday and sunday. showing off the goods as they do every time they're in town. about a million people expected to be watching over those three days looking up at the sky and being able to see the magic that they do over san francisco. very exciting. and then they're going to do a meet and greet at pier 39 on friday night. for right now, check it out. the best of the best right over the bay area. >>> they show up and then you pay up apparently. the investigative unit first exposed elected officials raking in fees for making p
the 90s in a lot of cities. triple digits inland. >>> who's ready for fleet week? the blue angels in the area skies this weekend. the famed pilots touched down yesterday in formation of course. they will be practicing tomorrow for their air show over the weekend and san francisco. >> that will definitely be cool. looking forward to that. the blue angels will share the area with america's cup this week. the world's best sailors getting back into action for another round of the world cup series. >> we are live in san francisco with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're actually on pier 30/32 in the racing hut. this is where they keep their sailboats. this is where they repair their sailbo sailboats. he's a shipbuilder for the team. you got the call at 5:15 last night. >> to come back to work, we got a job. as a part of the team, this is what it takes. >> reporter: so during practice yesterday, someone banged into something? >> yes, there was a big dent, compression in the hull. we need to look good and it needs to be -- >> reporter: you've done quite a job because you
in the bay area. the navy blue angels are goring up for fleet week and it is day two of the america's cup qualifying match. bob redell is live in san francisco. as always, a little behind-the-scenes look at how some of the world's best sailors get down and do their thing. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. hopefully this breeze that we're seeing already this early hour is a good sign for what it will be line -- the conditions will be like later today on the pay. last time we spoke on air at 11:00 a.m. yesterday, it was clear skies, very hot out. not exactly ideal conditions for when you're trying to sail a boat and need the win. by late afternoon that fog did roll in, the temps dropped a little bit and with that the winds did come in time for the first day of qualifying yesterday afternoon. team korea one of the teams advancing to the quarterfinals eking out team luna rosa. what's interesting about team korea iwho's at the helm. the youngest skipper competing this year, 21 years old, joined the team after winning a silver medal for sailing at the olympics in london
, the playoffs, a's and giants, music, boats, and just for fun we'll toss in the blue angels. to cover it all we have a team in place to give you a jump start on your weekend plans. let's go to bob redell first. he's the only bay area reporter allowed out on to uss macon island in san francisco. bob, you got a look at the fleet week activities. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, you can't miss the uss macon island. she's an 847-foot-long amphibious assault ship here at pier 3032 here in san francisco. we're lucky enough to be five levels above the flight deck on the bridge. good morning to you. >> good morning. we are glad to be here. ten days ago we didn't have this mission in our sights at all. it got dropped in our lapse and we had an opportunity to return to support san francisco fleet week again. >> reporter: i'm surprised coming on the bridge that this right here is the steering wheel of this massive ship. >> absolutely. >> reporter: i thought it would be some big to do. >> well, you know, the most interesting part is that the person who actually sears tteer ship is probably the youngest peo
:15 this morning. america's cup boating teams will be hitting the water as the blue angels fly overhead. it's going to be a very busy day on the bay. >> bob redell is live right now in san francisco. he has a look at all the boats out there that will be putting up their sails and getting ready to hit the water. bob, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, just hours from now, just after noon actually. good morning, jon and marla. at 12:20 is the match race kwr finals of the america's cup world series back here on the bay. shannon falconi is with oracle team usa. you have raised all over the world. you're from the caribbean and have raced in the bay. what makes this area so unique for your sport? >> san francisco is just a great spot for racing. you start off with the stadium style racing just because of the features of the way. you're sitting here in san francisco, you've got the golden gate, alcatraz and the shoreline right there. our race is right along the break waters so it's great action. here in san francisco the cranking breeze every afternoon and the constantly changing conditions with the tide pr
a wild card spot by beating texas once or having tampa bay and the los angeles angels lose once. fans believe it's pure destiny, an equation that adds up. >> it's so exciting. it's been great fun this year. they're so young, they're giving it all their heart. we're really enjoying this team this year. >> at the beginning of the year it was just a bunch of words because they weren't going anywhere. all of a sudden we're going somewhe somewhere. >> reporter: now, the a's would have to sweep all three games but the way the season has played out that could be a possibility. we could see actually two celebrations tonight if the a's lose and the angels and rays lose, the a's could still grab a wild card spot and the rangers could go ahead and take the division title. so somewhere around here there is a lot of champagne on ice. reporting live in oakland, christie smith "today in the bay." >>> the giants have already clinched their playoff spot and that means they get a head start on firming up that roster for the postseason. bruce bochy says this year all 5 starting pitchers will be on the s
day one of c went in los angeles. >>> one of the season's most fantastic finishes at the coliseum. the latest on the as quest for the postseason. you're not going to believe this one. this is a lot of food for 4 bucks. yeah... think they made a mistake? i don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night. >>> in the race for the white house, the vice presidential candidates had a bit of a debate of their own today on the economy. nbc bay area's brian mooar has the latest. >> days before the first vice presidential debate mitt romney is hammering the president on foreign policy. >> when president obama was asked about the recent disruption and chaos and violence in the middle east, he said that these were merely bumps in the road. >> thanks. >> bumps in the road also describes what the romney campaign has been unable to avoid in recent weeks. costly distractions, and discouraging poll numbers are upstaging the republican message. >> look at what president obama did on the budget.
again, that was elena gomez reporting. >>> in los angeles, despite an unplanned stop to the work on the 405, the completion work should be completed in time for the monday morning commute. around 5:00 a chunk of the mulholland bridge fell on the freeway. officials had to halt the work for a little bit. officials have been warning people to avoid the area to avoid traffic backups. the bridge is being destroyed to widen the 405 freeway, which is one of the busiest freeways in the entire country. >>> let's bring in henry wolford of comcast sportsnet right now for a look at sports. an incredible ending to the a's game. hello, henry! >> the a's play-off was coming down to the wire and down to the final five regular games of the season. how about fans of the green and gold? pretty blue for the first eight innings sunday. highlights of what happened afterwards straight ahead in sports. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't jus
without the blue angeled. the navy pilots were in formation at precisely 6:15 this evening. they'll be practicing their maneuver in bay area skies starting thursday afternoon. then, they will be dazzling crowds over the weekend starting friday, saturday, sunday. pulling off all of the aerobattics. they are hosting a meet and greet on friday night. >> so cool to see. blue angels, america's cup, giants, 49ers. >> no time for all of them. >> what do we do this weekend? ♪ most paints have color that sits on the surface. but nothing beats benjamin moore's color lock technology that locks color right in, no matter how often you wash it. color lock technology. exclusively from your benjamin moore retailer. find your perfect color with a buy one, get one pint offer. visit 100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm... ♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" ban
be hosting in oakland. the 49ers will be playing at home. you throw in the america's cup and the blue angels in addition to the a's, giants, 49ers, the weekend will be active to say the least. stay with us for complete on air and how to get around. >>> new at 11:00, the coast guard tells us family members of a michiganing fisherman found the body. they were searching north of pigeon point when they found him. he was one of four men on a fishing trip. the boat capsized after waves slammed into it. two men wearing lifejackets managed to swim to shore and alerted authorities but the other two men were not wearing life vests. >>> first the arrests, now the death. a popular teacher accused of plefing a former student has apparently killed himself. james izumizaki's body was found this morning. his arrest last week shocked the albany middle school community and his death now has left them stunld and sadden -- stunned and saddened. the confusing situation for everyone at the school. >> reporter: quiet moments in front of albany middle school as students and parents remember the popular teacher and
companies were started by people who code. as an angel investor i prefer to invest in companies where at least one of the founders is technical and they're building something before they're tries to raise money. >> but it is also, if you compare what's available to you as an entrepreneur now in terms of resources that you can reach out to third parties that you can bring in versus 10 or 15 years ago, it's a little easier now to start with -- to go lean, outsource everything, and start with one or two people and still get the company off the ground. >> sure. you have e-lance and o-desk and angel list and cloud computing and a lot of things that didn't exist ten years ago. i think people -- it's well documented that in some ways it is easier to do a lot with less, which is interesting because most internet start-ups now probably take less money to start and yet the venture capital industry is still very, very big. >> you're based out of san francisco. there's been this explosion of tech once again in san francisco. because we've been through this. the this explosion in san fra
as early as today. taking on the texas rangers. they can also make it to the playoffs if the angels and rays lose one more game. only three games left in the regular season. a three-game home stand gets under way starting at 7:05. >>> the giants have secured that playoff spot but they're not about to cruise quietly interest the postseason. the giants start a three-game set tonight in los angeles against those arch rival dodgers. >>> 4:42. just a few days until the first presidential debate. both sides are really gearing up. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail coming up. >>> also the supreme court returning to work at that. the key cases that would be on that docket. >>> and the newest online retailer that wants to bring you wine for christmas. >> i like it. >>> the oracle open world continues today in san francisco where last night chief executive larry ellison kicked things off and outlined his newest vision, a new cloud system he says is better and faster than the competition. oracle already has a cloud system but this new one is meant to go directly head to head with am
, there are some soldiers that remain armed and ready. these are the guardian angels now in many cases on alert. >> reporter: well, right now the mission is for american troops and marines to stay with the afghans, to train them, to be partners, buddies, if you will. but at the same time they're being told keep your distance. so when medical training takes place, when fire exercises take place, now american troops will have a bodyguard standing by, and that definitely erodes trust and it cuts away at the mission. for years we've been seeing orders coming down telling american troops, take off your helmets, take off your sunglasses, and now we're seeing orders, yes, build trust but make sure you have a bodyguard present. >> richard engel with me in kabul. richard, thank you very much. and continuing on that thought, to a person, u.s. commanders i've spoken to over the past week are bullish on the prospects of turning this war over to afghan security forces. there's no question they are making visible progress on a lot of fronts, but attacks like today remind us how delicate the process and u.s.
to play out. they could clinch a wild card spot by beating texas once or if tampa bay and the angels lose once. it's been six years since the team has gotten this far. >> exciting, it's been great fun this year. they're so young, they're giving you all their hearts. we're really enjoying this team this year. >> reporter: now, the a's also have a chance to win the west if they sweep texas this week. game time tonight 7:05 and tickets are still available online. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> could be pretty exciting times. >> it could be the dream sequence in that world series, a's/giants, how about it? >> that's what i want. or i'll take the yankees as well. we want attention on our giants when they make it to the world series. good morning to you. any sort of outdoor activities today, you want to do it early. we've got a lot of sunshine out there this morning right off the bat. the sun is going to rise just after 7:00 a.m. blazing heat as a result. what i do want to point out is as we get that sunrise between 6:45 and 7:15 with all that haze in our atmosphere, it's going to be ph
. in los angeles, they called it carmageddon 2, part of the 405 freeway shut down for repairs. the project started yesterday and will be done by tomorrow's commute. if the contractors missed their deadline, they'll be fined $6,000 per lane for every ten minutes they're late. >>> and tonight we notice the passing of a towering figure in american journalism. arthur solsberger. he decided to publish a secret government history of the vietnam war known as "the pentagon papers" when nixon administration demanded h he stop publishing the article, the paper refused. he was 86 years old. >>> we're back in a moment with some final thoughts from afghanistan. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to know, there's anot
. near record highs, in many air cass of southern california, the highlight being in los angeles. all of interior california, you'll be blasting the ac today. as we look at tomorrow, we will cool off as the wind direction shift as little bit. still a very warm day with well above average temperatures. it won't be until midweek that we cool back to normal. >>> if you're watching us on kntv nbc news in california, examine animal specimens collected from the island of madagascar at the kim ball natural history museum. that's your pacific event of the day. i would love to go to galapagos. >> you said october 1st? >> that's true. >> where does the time go? >> time to make thanksgiving day plans. >>> here's a look at our headlines in entertainment news. halloween came early as monsters ruled the box office. "hotel transylvania" took in $43 million, the highest september opening weekend of all time. "looper" snagged the number two spot with an impressive $21.2 million. in other news, arnold schwarzenegger tells "60 minutes" he cheated on wife maria shriver multiple times, including an affair
a playoff spot. that is taking on the rangers tonight. they can make it if the angels and rays each lose one more game. >> we go out there and we battle every day. you know, no matter if we win or lose. we will battle to the last out. we feel like we can win every game. >> it is all exciting. it has been great fun. they are so young. they are giving it all their heart. we are enjoying the team. >> at the beginning of the year, it was a bunch of words. they weren't going anywhere. now we're going somewhere. >> right now on the cusp of it. a's fans excited. if they happen to sweep the iÑ win the division crown and skip that one-game wild card playoff. good luck. the game is set for 7:05. >>> if the a's make the playoffs, you have to make serious changes to your weekend plans. check out the events scheduled for the bay area. the hardly strictly bluegrass festival is friday through sunday. fleet week is wednesday through sunday. america's cup racing is tomorrow through sunday and then the 49ers game against the bills on sunday and add to that possible home games for the a's and giants. you have
, but conditions that are constantly changing. that is wind and water. >> reporter: the blue angels will fly this week. fleet week is this week. you timed the events? >> very much so. for us, this is a fabulous opportunity to show what america's cup racing is like. august was great for us. bigger crowds this week. a precursor is the taste of what will come in the summer of 2013. this is a marvelous opportunity. >> reporter: tim, thank you very much. practice starts on the bay today, tomorrow and wednesday is qualifyi qualifying. here in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> captain redell, thank you very much. >>> still ahead, playoff bound. the a's clinch the wild card position for the first post season run in six years. what is next for the green and gold? >>> no shortage of celebration out on the field. i thought we would hear from the clubhouse there. the a's locking up the playoff spot clinching a spot knocking out the rangers, 4-3. you want to talk about a turn around. in july, the a's were at the bottom of the standings. today they are on the cusp of winning the title. when
something there to remind me." r.b. greaves dead in los angeles at the age of 68. >>> we first reported the story here last night of the local television anchorwoman in lacrosse, wisconsin, who received a viewer e-mail about her weight and then decided to take on the topic and the viewer head-on on the air. she then appeared this morning on "today." now jennifer livingston is receiving interview requests from around the world. her tv station has at least six extra people there answering the deluge of incoming phone calls, most of them expressing support for her. >>> up next here tonight, that real life field of dreams for a young man who waited a long time for one moment. >>> finally tonight, let's not kid ourselves, even us baseball fans have to admit the sport is too often more about steroids and salaries than it is any kind of field of dreams. but sometimes the american pastime can still seem like a field of dreams like it did last night in miami. the story tonight from nbc's mark potter. >> greenberg is on deck and ready for his one at-bat. >> reporter: to the roar of the stadium cr
southwest, near 100, 80s right along the coast there around los angeles, and the northern plains into the northern rockies is who's getting the cooler air. it was 53 in billings yesterday and even had some snow. and now that chilly air, it's moved as far south as say about salt lake city, and it's moved through colorado, but that's really about it. now that front's going to kind of just sit here. it's not going to make much more progress to the south. that's why i don't think the temperatures are going to cool off much. so, the cool air, northern nevada, up into idaho and montana. the onshore flow's cooled off a little bit, too, over the last couple days in california, and that's going to continue. there are a lot of coastal clouds, you'll be burning off the fog all morning long and then sunshine this afternoon. if you notice the chilly air, it's in the 40s finally through the northern rockies, into 30s at the high elevations, but none of that cool air made it to vegas, at 78 this morning. it's a little cool around portland and medford, maybe a light jacket this morning. you'll p
including a costco near los angeles. some station owners say they're thinking of shutting down completely. they say it's too difficult to sell at these prices. >> kristen dahlgren in southern california. thanks. >>> and late news about u.s. border patrol agent killed earlier this week along the arizona/mexico border. nbc's mark potter is in sierra vista, arizona tonight where agent nicholas ivy lived with his family. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, brian. federal investigators tell nbc news that based on evidence they've found so far, they are looking into whether this shooting may have been a friendly fire incident. agents shooting at each other. agent nicholas ivy of the border control was shot and killed early tuesday morning while responding to desert sensors that track illegal movement across the border. two other agents were with him. one was wounded. they had reported being fired upon earlier. about five miles north of the border near naco, arizona. officials blamed the shootings on armed criminals and mexican authorities say they have made two arrests related to th
be for this time of year. >> if you're watching us on nbc 4 in los angeles california, from pythons to geckos, even scorpions see over 60 species of amphibians at the lair. >>> all right, bill. thanks so much. and now for some entertainment news. despite negative reviews, liam neeson's kidnapping thriller "taken 2" is expected to take the number one spot with around $44 million. tim burton's stop motion animation "frankenweenie" has had strong reviews and is expected to open with around $17 million and the musical comedy "pitch perfect" could open to the tune of around $16.5 million. >>> well, on "the view" barbara walters said mariah carey told her by phone that she's beefed up security after fellow "american idol" judge nicki minaj was overheard saying if she had a gun she would shoot her. minaj denies the story. >> i wonder if this is true and actually happening. >> you were skeptical. >>> daryl hannah was arrested in texas thursday while protesting the production of an oil pipeline. >>> and finally, just because we can't get enough of him, south korean rapper psy decided to take that shirt off
of the thick fog and that could become problematic. if you wanted to check out those blue angels, we'll take you to that forecast coming up. 81 in livermore, 66, back to the 60s in san francisco. 70 degrees in santa cruz. you can still hit the beach there, last day to do so before the 60s return to santa cruz as well. here we go, 77 degrees by friday. that's livermore. we'll be about 77 degrees in san jose today. saturday into sunday things really change. we get some showers. and then next week overall looking cool and cloudy and feeling like fall. temperatures falling below your seasonal averages for october. 4:49. back to you guys for now. >> thank you very much. >>> how's this one for you. heart breaker appear a nice reward as well. $6,000 and the contents of one its girl's piggy bank being offered up for the safe return of a stolen puppy in san jose. thieves broke into the home late last summer. on monday her south san jose home was hit again. this time thieves not only took jewelry and electronics, they also grabbed her 10-year-old daughter's new puppy, a yorkie mix named miko. this mor
angeles actually hit 104 degrees at the coast yesterday. it was really hot out there. 71 to start in fresno. fresno was very hot. the central valley will be the hottest location across the state besides palm springs. if you're headed to southern california and driving, make sure you check the fluids in your vehicle before you head out. 65 in san francisco, 61 in san mateo, 59 in sunnyvale to start. we're at 64 to start in san jose. campbell 77, same for santa teresa. it's going to be another hot day. as we head throughout the next couple days, an area of low pressure moves in. this will usher in a stronger onshore flow and really improve our air quality heading into wednesday and thursday, but we've got one more hot one to get through. make sure you keep that in mind if you have pets, kids, you want to prepare them for the day ahead. lots of water for the pets and the kids will need light-colored clothing. they have to wait for the bus or teachers at recess and it's hot out there. cooler winds arrive wednesday. temperatures, though, hot again. concord at 100 degrees, 97 in santa r
the water in qualifying. it would not be fleet week without the blue angels. they touched down yesterday afternoon, in formation of course. they will be practicing their precision maneuvers in the bay area skies on thursday afternoon. then they will wow crowds at the fleet show over the weekend. they are hosting a meet and greet at pier 39 friday night. >> i always think "top gun," ice man, maverick. goose. speaking of our slider, how about mike? >> i'll be your wing man anytime. >> all right. >> we're looking to the south bay. we're looking over at 101. northbound underneath the 688 interchange and a light volume. a good number of headlights. no real slowing. no conjunction now. enjoy that because we've seen a tough south bay commute. over the last three weeks, very heavy. south bay, tough driving throughout these routes. we're looking at 101 and 280, both with construction. construction zone there. as well as 280 at the 92 interchange. you're losing two, maybe three lanes now, because of construction. there may be a posted detour. they have to cap things off as they move crews. this is
angeles, she said, and sarah flew down to meet them or, rather, to meet elisa since larry didn't like sarah, said elisa. >> and what did you decide to do with him? >> we said, if we kill him, nobody's going to miss him. >> were you going to do it like that day or some other time in the future? when were you guys planning on doing it? >> right then. >> right then and there. >> yeah. >> that was september 9, 2001. according to elisa, larry had already passed out, after drinking some horse tranquilizer on his own for fun. so sarah decided, according to elisa, to just give him more and no one would ever find out. >> oh, god, it seemed like a good idea at the time. but, oh, my god, it's so horrible to think of taking somebody's life. >> while larry slept, said elisa, she and sarah squirted drops of horse tranquilizer into his mouth. but larry didn't die. instead, the next day, on september 10th, larry got up, showed his horse, and then went right back to bed. >> next morning he's, like, lying there, and i thought he was dead. so i wake sarah up and i say, i think he's dead. and she pushes
it comes to viewing those blue angels, we do have some concerns. for today 69 degrees in san jose, 73 in concord and right around 63 degrees in san francisco. so, yeah, down from 97 on monday. a significant dropoff. here it is, your fleet week forecast, ladies and gentlemen. as you know, the fog rolls in early morning. it should clear between the hours of about noon and 4:00 p.m. each day, so you are going to be able to see the blue angels. we could see some of those low clouds obstruct your vision as we head through sunday. that would be the best chance for that but we're looking really good around here for that visibility. i will be live on saturday giving you live updates on comcast sportsnet bay area. our sister station right here nbc bay area. monday and tuesday we keep that drizzle in the forecast, feeling cool and feeling like fall, finally giving your ac a wrebre for a stretch. let's check your drive. hi, mike. >>> this is north 101 underneath the 680 interchange so light volume here. we're showing the same area, right around where it says allen rock. this is 101 heading north
. for everything, from the blue angels to the america's cup. out of up towners will be able hop in a taxi. >> i usually stay right here, but it's sold out i understand. >> reporter: hotel operators are feeling lucky. >> yeah, it's been very, very good. >> reporter: they booked up solid for this weekend two months ago. >> things are slowly picking up and certainly in san francisco things have really taken a very uptick. >> reporter: a weekend that includes multiple events that will attract thousands of people is more than an uptick. it's a crush. this traveler says you can't even get into a hostel. >> i want to book a hotel or hostel in downtown san francisco and enjoy my weekend. they're all saying oh, no, it's the america's cup. >> reporter: she spent the day watching the america's cup but is shifting gears tomorrow. >> i hear there's a blue grass festival, so going to check that out. >> reporter: hundreds of thousand also join her. getting around will be tough. if you drive, plan to spend lots of time looking at brake lights. nancy rode her bike into san francisco. >> i didn't have to get cau
by the united states navy and the blue angels. and those huge crowds will also see some of the top skippers in the world humming some of the fastest boats on water in fleet and match race competitions. and one of those skippers, the winningest sir russell coutts leading his oracle crew against the swedish artemis team in the first match race. the oracle supporting the giants with the sf logo on their boats. and in what looked like a victory coutts, it was ruled he had not correctly rounded four. so he was disqualified. so artemis advances to face jimmy spithill's oracle usa team. and so the final four and the championship finals of the match racing competition all set for saturday on the bay. and now coming up at 6:00, we will go 25 years back in time to look at the 1987 america's cup where dennis conner and stars and stripes took the cup back from the awustralians, what wer you doing in 1987? i think i was doing my algebra work. >> i was there in san diego watching it in the late 80s. >> i was doing my math homework as well. >> laurence son the water. kate longworth is in detroit. jaymee i
don't want to ruffle any feathers. >> reporter: first up here in los angeles, president obama will attend a small fundraiser with former president bill clinton and then he will attend a production at the theater tonight. vice president joe biden is getting ready for thursday night, and it is somewhat in damage control mode. lester? >> we want to turn now to our political director and chief white house correspondent chuck todd. chuck, the debate, the positive numbers we noted potential game changers for both candidates last week, how do you expect they'll try to build off this week? >> they're trying to go on the air using the debate in tv advertisements to try to sort of blunt some of the debate momentum that romney got. but i also know that behind the scenes, there is a little bit of the confronting of the president to say you need to watch the debate, and they've passed along a statistic, i'm told at least tonight, to let them know the president spoke for more time on the air but used less words and trying to emphasize to him that he's got to get better at making his point.
of major events expected to draw more than a million visitors. they include fleet week and the blue angels, the hardly strictly bluegrass festival and the america's cup series race there is giants play-off game, the italian heritage parade and numerous street festivals. b.a.r.t and muni are increasing cars to help. >> there will be taxis. if you're in the city, jump on your bike. much better ways to get around. the worst way you can choose to get around will be in your own car. >> the city is setting up free valet bicycle parking at all the major events. a lane of the embarcadero will also be dedicated to bicyclists heading to fleet week and the america's cup race. >>> speaking of the america's cup, the high-end sailors are back in town for more. based on fans reaction in august, the crowds will be big again this week. laurence scott joins us from san francisco. lawrence, you were literally on the boats in august. were the sailors happy with the support here in the bay area? >> reporter: they're loving it. they're loving it completely. and we'll be back on one of the boats. tomorrow we'll
. this time, the world series must work in conjunction with fleet week, namely the blue angels, which will fly overhead this week. as a result, all competition  will take place between:00 and 6:00 in the afternoon. the racing won't be as close to shore. it will be 100 yards. in the racing boundaries, the box, as it's called, will be closer to alcatraz this time. >> to the east, it's a little narrower, which will make it exciting because the boats have to tack and jive a little bit more to stay in the box. it which be a little further off shore. they won't be able to be right to the beach. >> reporter: that was john craig, the principal race officer. he said the racing box is going to be a half mile wide. they might not need to use all the two miles. bottom line, the tighter the space, the more exciting the action out there on the water. the final competition on sunday running 150 to 2:30, of course, it will be broadcast on this network. the air show will culminate the same day. reporting live off pier 30/32 where we are moored at for "today in the bay." >> he's living the life out there on t
, california, 19 degrees above normal at 100. los angeles, probably tie or break the record at 100. pasadena, 105. that's 24 degrees above normal. and that heat extends all the way up to san francisco or reno, 90 degrees. 101 in redding. and as we make our way further north, billings, montana, while 77 doesn't seem warm, that's 10 degrees above normal. that's what's going on around >>> 7:36. back to work monday. today will be the peak of the heat wave. make sure you're ready for that. the bay bridge toll plaza, usually socked in with fog. no clouds to report at this time. as a result of all that sunshine coming in early, it's going to be a hot day. same deal here on the san mateo bridge. as we head throughout the afternoon, temperatures are the hottest in the tri-valley. 103 in livermore and fairfield, 101 in concord, 90 in fremont, 90 oakland and 80 degrees, very warm, in san francisco. a touch cooler as we head through tuesday. >>> kathie lee and hoda at the university of tennessee. you're here! what the heck? it's a swap. very nice. savannah? is. >> al, thank you. >>> hewlett-packard unve
but a start-over. i like that. >> and also a young girl with an angelic voice. jackie iseranko who rose to fame at the age of 10 years old on "america's got talent" is here to perform live. >> and look who is here to help us with "take 3." >> our favorite. >> our youngest "take 3" participant ever, 3 1/2-year-old elmo. hi, elmo. >> hello, mr. al. hello, everybody. >> can't wait to see elmo. >> oh. >> that means you have to keep it clean today, al. >> be on our best behavior. >> young minds. 3 1/2-year-olds. >> and first a check of the weather. >> keep it clean. >> yes. of course. because, you know, i've been known to do that. let's see what we've got as far as our weather is concerned, from miss school marm morales. a lot of wet weather along the east coast. risk of strong storms in the ohio river valley and out west temperatures fairly mild and downright hot through southern california and the southwest. tomorrow a few hit and miss thunderstorms along the mid-atlantic. snow in western montana and the heat continues in the southwest down into texas. >>> 8:32. we already have blazing sun
you. >> apparently we are losing audio with arnold schwarzenegger in los angeles. arnold, thank you for your time. we appreciate it very much. let me switch over to -- >> now, governor, you actually heard just fine, didn't you, at that particular moment? >> not that i can remember. >> here's what you wrote about that exchange that we just played you with matt lauer. as he pressed me for specifics on how to bring back the california kple and when i would release my tax returns, i realized i was unable to answer. i finally had to resort to the grou groucho marx trick of, i'm sorry, i can't hear it. it was my lamest performance ever. >> maria was really mad at me. she said, you need to think about what you are going to say when you do those interviews. and i said you better believe it. there's a lot of things i have to learn now that i'm on the campaign trail. >> would you run for political office again? you told me in our last interview, never say never. >> well, never say never. but i don't see that in front of me. usually, i have a very clear vision of where i want to go. and i thin
on the water, blue angels in the sky. it's going to be a busy weekend in san francisco. a bold understatement. >> no kidding. thousands are expected to flock to the marina green for another round of the america's cup world series. practice actually gets under way later today. >> that is right. bob redell is the captain of this live shot and is in san francisco right now with more on what's going on. hey, bob. >> reporter: ahoy. good morning to you, jon and laura. yes, we were talking about the ac-45s. these are 45-foot-long catamarans out on the bay starting today for practice for the america's cup, a world series competition and qualifying starts tomorrow, runs through sunday. now, those are catamarans. back in the day, they used to rate on mono hulls and in 1851 it was a yacht called the america that won a race around england that kicked off the america's cup. right now we're on a replica of that ship. it's 138-feet long. the tallest mast 105 feet tall and its skipper, this gentleman right here, troy sears, has owned this boat the past seven years. i'm trying to get a sense of your passion,
francisco and beyond. what you need to know about the weather. we have fleelt wet week and thed blue angels. >> i'm ready. a great looking day shaping up. things are going to change through the next 72 hours. if you will be headed to the city, count on great conditions. it works out like this. temperatures in the 50s and plenty of 40s. winds will come out of the west carrying in that cool pacific air and making for a very comfortable day, especially inland. 75 in livermore and 69 in san francisco and temperatures if we head throughout the heat of the day will be perfect for viewing the blue angels. temperatures drop off and increasing the cloud cover. we are expecting a few showers. through the end of next week, 70s and we are done with the extreme heat. give the ac a brick for the next seven days. >> nice for the power bill. if you want to catch the action in person yourself, here's a run down of the events happening around the bay area. fleet week in the northern san francisco waterfront from 8 to 5:00 today. we will have a live report on fleet week and the lineup at 7:00. america's cup v
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